Quail Ridge Ranch
Home of Boer Goats and Free Range eggs
Jane & Clarke Keolker
5690 Quail Way
Fruitland, WA  99129

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We gave up our 9-5 jobs for a healthier, active life.  We traded miles
of freeway driving for a bird’s eye view of Lake Roosevelt, fresh air
and lots of exercise.  Our goal is to create a sustainable farm using
organic growing practices.  In the fall of 2007, we started our ranch
with 12 Boer Goats and 125 chickens. The goats have added a lot of
character to our ranch.

We started our first market garden in the Spring of 2008.  We sold
fresh organically raised vegetables, goat meat, free range eggs and
quilted items at the local Farmers Market.  I loved the market and it
was so interesting and fun to meet all the people, vendor and

2010 started with the arrival of 16 goat kids and another 50 chicks.  
We love to see the chickens forage all over the fields with the goats.  
We are looking forward to another great year at the Farmers
Markets. This year we will be at the South Perry and Liberty Lake
Farmers Markets.   

2011 was another good year for the garden.  We added loads of
goats manure again and produced enough vegetables to add a booth
at the new Spokane Public Market for the year.  You can find us at
South Perry and at Liberty Lake markets again this summer.  We
have another 26 new chicks and February will be busy as our does
have all their kids.  It will be an exciting time on the farm.  We got
another 100 laying hens in the spring.  There are chickens all over
the farm!

In 2012 we decided that I needed to take a job off the farm to make it
more sustainable.  It was hard to leave the farmers markets and all
our friends and regular customers.  You can still find out farm fresh
eggs at Spokane’s Main Market
.   Fresh Abundance also carries our
goat meat in the freezer section.